A reminder that typical safety glasses (poster below) are inadequate for tasks that generate shavings and dust such as grinding, sawing and sanding. We have had several eye injuries where people have had material in their eye and were wearing safety glasses (not goggles). In a few cases these have flared up days later becoming a potentially serious injury.

We must be wearing safety goggles as per the Pro Choice model (pictured below), or equivalent or better. These are fog free, scratch resistant, have 99% UV protection, and won’t fall off your head. They will even fit over most (not all) prescription glasses.

These safety googles are a kit item that need to be looked after and kept in a safe place when not using, just like a life jacket or hard hat. They are not a disposable PPE item.

They can be obtained from Sydney Tools or Total Tools off the shelf in the short term, or in the medium term can be purchased in boxes of 72..

Some Principal Contractors insist on double eye protection, ie safety glasses and a face shield, but SMC have not implemented this because of the other problems this creates (ie: unhygienic/ not covid safe, shield fogs up, restricted vision, etc)

We have trialled a few safety goggles and the Pro Choice one pictured below has proven to be the best.