Pete Philipp


The founder of the company. After graduating from Sydney University, Peter has developed SMC into the shape it takes today with his passion for the industry and taking on new challenges. With his relaxed personality nothing is a problem for Peter. He takes everything in his stride and deals with any issues that may arise in a calm and effective manner.

Tom Wilcox Modified

Tom Wilcox

b.civ eng,
Research & Development

A driving force behind many of the innovations that SMC requires, Tom has a fabulous ability to think outside the square and come at a problem from a unique direction. After graduating from Sydney University and working on the Warrangamba dam for a short time as civil engineer, Tom was then offered a position with SMC as co-director allowing him to refine all piling techniques.


Niall Magee

General Manager NSW

Niall joined the company in 2011 and is the newest member of SMC’s management team. With his vast construction knowledge and good client relations, his input is a great asset to all projects he is involved in.


Jeff Offer

General Manager WA

Jeff has worked for SMC since the early days originally employed to construct the hugely successful pile Rig SMC1. Jeff has had a key role in supervising almost all major projects and now manages our highly successful Western Australian division.


David Scott Conley

General Manager QLD

David joined the SMC team in 2005 and has held the role of Site Manager on large projects, developing a culture of safety and efficiency on all his sites. David has vast knowledge with SMC’s heavy plant and equipment, and is a skilled barge operator and highly competent in all forms of piling.

Tom Sims

Tom Sims

cert.civ eng
Project Manager

With over 30 years experience in the marine construction industry Tom Sims brings a wealth of knowledge to SMC. Tom’s roles include client relations, tendering and project management.


Wes Cahill

General Manager VIC

Wes has worked for SMC for over 10 years. He immediately excelled as a barge and machine operator and has grown to be an essential team leader and manager.