Broome Town Beach Jetty

Broome Town Beach Jetty

Completed by SMC Marine in November 2021, extreme weather and tides called for an innovative approach to design and construction of Broome’s new Town Beach Jetty. Construction was completed without marine support: SMC engineered a temporary works platform to support piling and deck construction using land-based plant. SMC also redesigned the lower landing framing and upper deck precast concrete to replace the painted steel structure with marine grade aluminium solution.

The construction scope included:

  • 47 raked and vertical steel piles, driven approximately 10m to bed into underlying sandstone
  • Piles were 3LPE coated and HDPE sleeved to eliminate the need for cathodic protection and provide a prolonged maintenance-free service life
  • Precast concrete deck panels and headstocks
  • HDPE and grout encasement of welded steel connections
  • Composite FRP balustrades
  • Aluminium lower landing
  • Lighting
  • Exposed aggregate concrete promenade and footpaths
  • All construction work was executed without marine plant due to the extreme tides in Broome.

Location: Broome, WA

Client: Shire of Broome