Cairns Marine Precinct

Cairns Marine Precinct

The Cairns Marine Precinct (CMP) at the Port of Cairns is an area of major economic importance to Far North Queensland industry. It accommodates a world-class marine services industry, the growth of which is key to the diversification of the region. The Project involves two wharves in Smith’s Creek and services upgrades to improve capability.

SMC Marine’s scope for design finalisation and construction of 2 separate pieces of new marine infrastructure includes:

  • install of 90no. 813 diameter 40m long steel tube piles;
  • detailing & manufacture of 2,000t of complex self-produced precast concrete;
  • 5,000t of contamination remediation;
  • all wharf furniture and services;
  • heavy duty pavements and civil works
  • sensitive marine environment incl mangrove management
  • Government client
  • staging and Temporary Works required to undertake above works

Marine Piling – SMC provided a new 55m barge with a 300t crawling crane, teamed with our one-of-a-kind large blue marine piling leaders. These leaders are an impressive piece of equipment, can handle long piles (the piles at the CMP project are 40m long), and can install raked piles in any direction.

Partnering/ Local commitment – SMC Marine established a whole new set-up in Far North Queensland to deliver this and future projects in the region. This includes new local people, plus local major partners for large works components (including civil works, heavy-duty pavements, remediation, and services)

Self-produced Precast concrete An innovative strategy that ultimately contributed to SMC procuring this significant project was that SMC decided to establish a set-up to produce the complex 2,000t of precast concrete for the project, locally, in Cairns. We built a team of experts and local contributors specifically for the project.

Location: Cairns, QLD

Client: Ports North