Starboard Drive and Horseshoe Bay Boat Ramp Upgrades

Design and Construct
About This Project
Client: QLD TMR / Projex Partners ( Client Project Manager )
Contract Duration: March 2017 – July 2017
Contract Value: $1.4m


Description of works:          

The project involved the demolition and upgrade of two boat ramps in the Bowen region.

Starboard Drive, the larger of the two boat ramps, is a four-lane facility with a Bellingham Marine floating walkway, located inside the boat harbour. Horseshoe Bay Boat Ramp is a two-lane facility in a less sheltered location.

The contract included the demolition of the old ramp, compacting sub-grade, laying sub-base rock to levels with geofabric and geogrid. High standard TMR designed precast boat ramp panels were accurately placed, with stainless steel link bar for continuity between planks. Scour protection consisted of very accurately finished fully-grouted rock shoulders with grouted Trilock pavers. The job included a large amount of concreting and asphalting on the ramp approaches. The Starboard Drive boat ramp included piles installation for the Bellingham floating walkway.